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The Three Brothers

Let us embark on the tale of the three brothers where botanicals, alcohol and a brotherhood intertwine.

It all starts with the Malak brothers; Andre, Ralph & Alain. The three of them were inseparable and worked together side by side in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. They’ve worked in every aspect of the business; clubs, restaurants, venues and bars.

As they grew and went deeper into the world of mixology, they began to understand it’s inner workings and what it needed to become one of the leading communities in the world. After opening a few places in Lebanon, they realized that something was missing on the shelf & in the community, and therefore they made it their mission to dedicate their lives to a dream they all shared by distilling their own liquor and maximizing the guest experience.

As you all know life can be painful at times and test you in the most difficult way possible. For Ralph and Andre, it was the hardest test to be encountered; the passing of their youngest brother.

Their world was spinning, and needing some soul searching, they found themselves deep in the mountains of Lebanon camping. What they hadn’t realized was that this trip was about to shine some clarity on what they had to do…

These two mixologist brothers found themselves out in the wilderness and more connected to each other than ever before. All of a sudden, they heard loud thumps and decided to take a look around. The locals had been chopping up Juniper trees nearby, and instantly they got a clear vision of their dream back, their brother’s dream.

Finding themselves strengthened, Ralph & Andre decided to take the first step in accomplishing their dream. It all started with a one liter pot still, alcohol, Juniper berries & botanicals; the first batch was created.

Immediately it took off because customers loved it!! There was positive feedback left and right. The considerable support and love of their customers led them to push themselves to go bigger and better.

Countless hours of hard work & research had finally paid off, and the recipe was perfected. They distill five botanicals then macerate seventeen others which are mainly local botanicals which include cedar leaves, pine barks, lavender, pistachio, red apples and many more. The recipe was finalized, and all that was left was to name it and set a date for release, but they already knew what to call it and when to launch it; The Three Brothers & on National Brothers Day of 2018. This was all in dedication to their youngest brother who lived life to the fullest.

The Three Brothers gin is hands down one of the best sipping gins you could ever try, especially with a couple of slices of apple. Every spirit has a story behind it and there is nothing like good old fashioned brotherly love.

Due to their hard work and dedication, their gin has won awards and can be found all over Lebanon, Dubai and Nigeria, with many more places on the way. We want to take a minute to mention how clever and helpful they have become – they turned their wastes into hand sanitizers and named it Hi-gin. How interesting…

The beverage industry is their lifestyle and they cannot stop creating and innovating what they love most about the industry is the people and serving those people the best way they can. They also plan to build a brotherhood and sisterhood within the community, where the same values & lifestyles are shared. A brotherhood to follow…

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