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Our vision for this page is to provide a place for the hospitality community to come together to share ideas and recipes and discover each other’s personalities, businesses and other pages. In this way, people in this industry can come together in appreciation of different talents and styles and eventually prove that they can contribute greatly in society. Hand in hand many things are possible.

Alchemy Bartending School

Educating yourself in this industry is a must if you desire to grow and evolve. Keeping up with the upcoming events, reading books written by others before you and gaining experience in this business; these are all things that you require to be accomplished and successful in this choice of career. Costas Nicolaides was bornContinue reading “Alchemy Bartending School”

The Three Brothers

Let us embark on the tale of the three brothers where botanicals, alcohol and a brotherhood intertwine. It all starts with the Malak brothers; Andre, Ralph & Alain. The three of them were inseparable and worked together side by side in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. They’ve worked in every aspect of theContinue reading “The Three Brothers”

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