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The Mad Scientist

Hidden Journal


Fermented Rose Honey, Lavender Infused Gin, Clarified Lemon Juice & Herbal Extract


Aloe Vera Jam, Chai Mezcal, Apple Fig Shrub & Emulsified Aloe Vera

Thermal Energy

Cardamom Infused Cognac, Spiced Wine, Cherry Heering & Date Bitters


Clarified Coffee, Lotus Cordial & Biscuit Infused Rye Whiskey


Charcoal-Laced Elixir, Wild Berry Mead & Distilled Hibiscus Gin


Cinnamon Bitters, Ipa Beer Reduction, Apple Moonshine & Salted Caramel

Chemical Classics

Scientifically Fashioned

Distilled Orange Bourbon, Orange Tincture, Sucrose Cordial & Citrus Perfume

Elucidated Gin Basil

Clarified Basil Cordial, Clarified Lemon Juice & Basil Infused Gin

Activated Negroni

Bourbon Vanilla Infused Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Grapefruit Infused Gin & Activated Charcoal

Herbalized Highball

Chamomile Rinsed Bourbon, Ginger & Thyme Carbonate

Abstract Bijou

Almond Oil Washed Sweet Vermouth, Quinoa Gin, Green Chartreuse & Elderberry Bitters

Fermented Bee’s Knees

Fermented Cinnamon Honey, Clarified Lemon Juice & Floral Gin

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